Q. What is the charge for a ride?
A. There is no set charge. We do ask that you make a reasonable donation that will go the charity selected for that event. We have found that most people are generous and fair. So whatever you feel is fair works for us.

Q. How many can ride at a time?
A. The main pedicab holds three people and we have a trailer that holds two more. The trailer also has a bit of storage room for purses, coats, a smaller cooler etc.

Q. What if I want a ride but don’t see you out and about?
A. Give me a call at 307-620-5931. If I can accommodate you I will. If you know in advance you would like a ride please give as much notice as possible. Using the reservation form on the website is a good way to contact us.

Q. What if I want to see a particular place or go on a specific route?
A. As long as the terrain is pedicab friendly we can handle that. For a custom ride like this we need as much notice as possible. A minimum of a week is suggested.

Q. Can you ride at night?
A. You bet. We have lights that make it safe to take a night time ride.

Q. Do you ride in the fall or winter?
A. I am willing to ride in cold weather as long as it is safe. If you want to be in the Christmas parade or other cold weather event just give us plenty of notice and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. What else do I need to know?
A.Glad you asked. We have a wireless speaker built in so if you want to listen to your music we can pair your device or use ours. Also please do not get out and push or offer to push when the going gets slow going up a hill. The slow speed is because the gearing allows me to climb even with you in the pedicab. It is not because I am too tired or cannot make it. Just sit back and enjoy while I power you up the hill.