Events and Tours

Tours or Private Rides
I am happy to take you on a private ride or arrange a tour just for you. One thing to remember is that while pedicabs are faster and more fun than walking climbing hills is slow going. It is best to avoid long climbs, steep grades or lots of climbing. Other than that let’s go!

There are lots of things to see in and around Buffalo. If you are a Longmire fan I can show you many of the sites and landmarks mentioned in the books and TV show. A tour of the town and downtown is also a must if you are a visitor. Many of the local merchants offer a discount for our riders and I can deliver you right to their door!

Business Events, Parties and More
If your company is having a picnic or other event we can help make it more memorable. Having us join you and give your employees or the children a ride will put a big smile on their face. The same is true for your next party. Why not make your upcoming get together unique by giving your guests a pedicab ride? Or if you have company from out of town we can take you and them on a tour of the area. Most folks have never been in a pedicab and they all want to. Everyone loves a pedicab ride. Remember we are affordable and only accept donations. You can help your guests have a terrific time and you are benefitting your community.

How Many Can Go?
Our pedicab seats up to 5. We can fit three in the pedicab and two more in the trailer. I have hauled as much as 850 pounds at one time! There is also room under the seat on the trailer for a small cooler, purses, coats etc. So don’t be bashful and don’t feel sorry for me. The harder I work the more ice cream I can eat guilt free!

Unique Rides
The most fun I have had on the pedicab so far was shortly after a gentleman proposed to his girlfriend in public. After she said yes he asked if I would take them on a romantic ride. So off we went to the north up Main Street away from the downtown street dance. When we returned Wes offered a donation. I asked if he had purchased a ring yet and he said no. I told him this ride was on the house and to use the money to help buy Morgan a nice ring. Morgan asked if I would deliver her to her wedding on the pedicab. What an honor that would be! Of course I will and am looking forward to her wedding day. I am not sure I can pedal in a tuxedo but we will figure something out. If you have an idea for something special let us know. We may have the only pedicab in Wyoming and would be honored to help you make your special moment even more special with a pedicab ride.