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Where is the Pedicab Available?
The Pedicab is usually found at the bigger events. The Bighorn Mountain Festival, The Johnson County Rodeo, Longmire Days to name a few. If you want a ride or want to help the less fortunate just flag me down and I will take you where you want to go. Or call me at 307-620-5931!

Why Take a Pedicab Ride?
Pedicab rides are a blast! Everyone loves them and it is the best way to see a new site or to get around, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. I have yet to have a rider that did not have a big smile or that did not truly enjoy the ride. Besides the fun factor it is the best way to see the area. You can take pictures and we go slowly enough that you see every blade of grass but not so slowly that it takes too long to arrive. Maybe the best reason is that you are helping the children and our community. What could be better than that? A fun time that helps kids and other folks in need. Come on lets go for a ride!

Donations Only
We do not have a set fee for a ride. All rides are on a donation only basis and we do not profit from the donations. All proceeds go to a local charity or family in need. We rotate the causes we help based on their current need. We do have a love for children and we focus on causes that benefit them.