Welcome to Bighorn Pedicab

The idea for Bighorn Pedicab started in 2008 at the Bighorn Mountain Festival. I had completed a charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to San Diego that year. It was 650 miles in 7 days and I realized I could pedal just about anything. We had seen Pedicabs in the downtown areas of cities like San Diego and New York City and my love of cycling motivated me to take rides in them. I found out how fun they are and wanted to share that joy with our community.

While sitting and enjoying the music we noticed all of the folks coming to the Mountain Festival hauling chairs, coolers and their stuff. That’s when it hit me. If I had a pedicab I could ride the folks and their cargo to and from the parking lot while raising money to send kids to the annual bluegrass music camp held the week before the Mountain Festival.

We are located in Buffalo Wyoming and started this venture in 2014. My wife Jayne and I are Bighorn Pedicab. I do the pedaling and Jayne makes sure your donation gets to the chosen cause.